Bryony MccordRN, BSN

Grief Recovery Specialist,

Life Coach for Widows, and Patient Advocate

“Guiding People Through The Grieving Process And Helping Them Find Peace & Happiness”

What is Grief Recovery?


We will all experience loss throughout our lifetime. No one is exempt from this. Where there is loss, there is grief. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to a loss of any kind, period. The problem is grief is misunderstood and not discussed. That is, until it hits you right between the eyes and you have are forced to deal with it.


Grief Recovery gives you the tools you need in order to heal. There are many types of loss that we can experience throughout our lifetime that create grief.


These losses can go unattended and unresolved for years partly due to the false belief that many of us have heard… “time will heal our wounds”. The truth is that time in and if itself does nothing to heal. Unresolved grief accumulates over time and significantly impacts our ability to live life fully in the present moment.


Grief Recovery Method® Workshops are designed to give you the tools and the safety required to process your grief. You are well worth it.


Grief Support

Patient Advocate

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